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Many pedestrian accidents occur while people are crossing the street. But others happen in parking lots. People walking to or from their parked car can be hit by a vehicle, resulting in serious injuries. The Scott Law Firm, PLLC fights to hold negligent parties accountable and recover financial compensation for the injured.

We have all been to the mall, a movie theater, a big box store or supermarket and parked our cars in the lot. And most of us don't think much about the risk of being hit by a car while we are walking to our destination. But cars and trucks are all around us in parking lots. And it only takes one negligent driver to cause an accident.

Washington parking lot laws

In Washington state, the general rule is that vehicles in parked spaces must yield to pedestrians, while pedestrians should yield to vehicles using the parking lot’s main feeder routes. In all situations, drivers are legally required to use due care when reversing out of a parking space, which means they must be aware of their surroundings and take steps to avoid hitting pedestrians. For instance, if a driver hits a pedestrian while backing up into or out of a parking space, the driver is most likely at fault.

A parking lot pedestrian accident can result in a wide range of injuries. More serious injuries can include broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury. Recovery can take months or even years. Some victims never fully recover. Pedestrian accident attorney Colin Scott knows the impact these accidents can have on victims and their families.

Common causes of parking lot accidents

Are you a pedestrian hit by a car in a parking lot? Were you injured in a reversing accident? There are different causes of parking lot pedestrian accidents. Below are examples.

A driver may have been distracted

The driver may have been texting, talking on the phone or simply failed to check his or her mirrors before backing up. This takes the driver's attention away from the parking lot, where pedestrians are unprotected and vulnerable.

A driver may have searching for a parking space

This is another form of distracted driving that is unique to parking lots. A driver may be too focused on finding an available parking spot. They may not be looking forward and may not see pedestrians in their pathway.

A driver may have been speeding

Parking lots usually have posted speed limits with good reason. But some drivers are in a hurry and choose to ignore these speed limits. They drive too fast and are not able to stop in time to prevent them from hitting a pedestrian.

A driver may have failed to look before backing up

When drivers back up out of a parking space, it is important to check their rear and side view mirrors, back up camera, and look out the back window for pedestrians and other vehicles. Failing to do this can result in pedestrian accident.

A driver may have hit the wrong pedal

It's surprisingly easy to hit the wrong pedal, especially when someone is unfamiliar with their vehicle (as is sometimes the case with a new car or when driving someone else's vehicle). But it can also lead to a pedestrian injury when a driver accidentally presses their foot on the accelerator when they meant to hit the brake pedal.

Your case matters to us

The injuries sustained in a parking lot pedestrian accident can leave you with medical expenses that may seem overwhelming. And if you are unable to work because of your injury, there is less income upon which you can rely to pay outstanding bills. A negligent driver may deny responsibility. And insurance companies will often attempt to pay you as little as possible, or they may even blame you.

That's why you need an attorney who is focusing on getting the best possible outcome in your case. Our firm exists to help injured plaintiffs recover the compensation they deserve. One hundred percent of our clients are injury victims and families.

Vancouver parking lot accident attorney Colin Scott can investigate to get the facts. He can review pertinent documentation, gather evidence, take photographs and visit the scene of the accident, as well as interviews witnesses who saw what happened. Colin works together with his clients to build a strong case that can prove a driver's negligence led to your injury. Preparing each case in this manner puts our clients in the best possible position to reach a negotiated settlement with the insurance company. It also helps us build a strong foundation that can allow our clients to continue pursuing their claim in court if needed.

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