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Crosswalks are designed to make crossing the street safer. But far too often, they are the site of pedestrian accidents that leave people with serious injuries. Recovering financial compensation after being hit by a car can be complicated. The Scott Law Firm, PLLC fights for the rights of injured pedestrians.

In the State of Washington, vehicles are supposed to stop at crosswalks to allow pedestrians to cross the road. But sometimes, vehicles speed through crosswalks without checking for pedestrians. Other times, drivers are distracted and don’t notice pedestrians that are in the crosswalk. Or a driver may be under the influence of alcohol and have impaired judgment.

The result can be a collision that leaves people seriously hurt or killed. Pedestrians have no protection, so they can suffer serious injuries. Recovering from these injuries can take months or longer. Some accident victims are left permanently disabled. If you are a pedestrian hit by a car in a crosswalk, attorney Colin Scott can help you recover the compensation they deserve.

Challenges you may face after a crosswalk accident

But recovering financial compensation can be difficult. The driver who caused your crosswalk accident may not admit they were negligent. Maybe they made a blind left turn or just weren’t paying attention. Whatever the situation, it is not uncommon for negligent drivers who hit pedestrians in crosswalks to try to blame the victim for what happened. This can put you in the unpleasant position of having to prove it was the driver’s negligence that caused the accident.

Insurance companies are supposed to help you when you’ve been injured. But their main goal is to protect their profits (which, as a public company, is a duty they owe to their shareholders). To keep their profit margins high, insurance companies often pay as little as possible for claims. They may also blame you, or they may question the extent of your injuries.

Vancouver crosswalk accident attorney Colin Scott can help you fight back against these tactics. He can investigate to get the facts. This might involve obtaining and reviewing relevant documentation, such as accident reports and medical records. It can also involve identifying and interviewing witnesses who saw what happened. It can also include consulting with one or more experts who are able to piece together the facts and provide opinions regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

Washington pedestrians mostly have the right of way

In general, pedestrians in the State of Washington have the right of way when crossing a road shared by cars, trucks, bicyclists, and pedestrians, unless otherwise indicated by traffic signals, devices, or police officer direction. This may seem clear-cut, but depending on the circumstances, it may not be clear who has the right of way. This can complicate who is at fault in a pedestrian accident.

State of Washington crosswalk and pedestrian laws

The State of Washington has some of the most thorough pedestrian safety laws in the country, but accidents still happen.

  • Sidewalks. Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks. The law says drivers and bicyclists must yield to pedestrians.
  • Roadways. When a sidewalk is not available, pedestrians should walk on the left side of the roadway or on its shoulder, facing traffic. Pedestrians are required to obey traffic control devices, signage, and police officers.
  • Drivers' duty of care. All drivers in the State of Washington must exercise "due care" to avoid hitting a pedestrian on the roadway.
  • Crosswalks and intersections. In Washington, drivers are required to yield to pedestrians who are crossing within marked or unmarked crosswalks and at intersections.
  • Outside of crosswalks. Pedestrians who are not in a marked or unmarked crosswalk should yield to motor vehicles that are already in the roadway. However, a pedestrian crossing the street may still have the right of way over a motorist who is entering the roadway (such as pulling out of a driveway or parking lot).

Although there are occasions when pedestrians should yield to motor vehicles, it is always the responsibility of the driver to safely operate their car or truck. When they fail to do this and hit a pedestrian, they have acted negligently. If you were hit by a car in Vancouver, pedestrian accident attorney Colin Scott can help you hold the driver accountable.

How long does a pedestrian hit by a car in Washington have to file an injury claim?

Injured victims must take fast action after an accident to collect the compensation they deserve. The State of Washington has a three-year statute of limitations on injury claims and lawsuits. If the statute expires, you have lost your opportunity to recover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Three years may seem like a long time, but these cases can take a long time.

When a pedestrian is hit by a car in a crosswalk or in the street, drivers often deny responsibility and don’t admit they did anything wrong. They may even try to blame the pedestrian for what happened – for example, by claiming the person was not using a crosswalk or “darted out” into traffic. That leaves you in the position of having to prove the driver’s negligence caused the accident. You need strong evidence and the best time to start collecting it is right away.

Experienced Vancouver pedestrian accident lawyer Colin Scott understands the urgency of your case. That's why he takes immediate and aggressive action to preserve crash site evidence, collect available surveillance camera footage, and interview witnesses before they disappear.

A crosswalk accident attorney focused on results

Our law firm is committed to building strong cases that force insurance companies to take our clients seriously. We are dedicated to helping injured victims of Vancouver area accidents get the best possible outcome for their case. Many times, this can be done through a negotiated settlement with the insurance company.

But any resolution has to meet our client’s needs. After all, it is our clients who decide whether to accept or reject a settlement offer in their case. Once you hire our firm, we can seek compensation for all your medical expenses related to your injuries – both past and future care. We can also seek compensation for other damages, such as lost wages, loss of earning capacity, as well as any disability that may have resulted from the accident and pain and suffering.

If you were hurt in a crosswalk accident in Vancouver, talk to pedestrian accident attorney Colin Scott as soon as possible. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin working together to build a strong case that supports your claim for financial compensation.

Contact us online or call 360-718-3640 for a free consultation with an experienced attorney. Colin can review the details of your accident, go over your legal options and answer any questions you have.

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