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Not surprisingly, car crashes often happen at intersections. There are many cars traveling in different directions. And one negligent driver is all it takes to cause a collision that leaves someone injured. The Scott Law Firm, PLLC fights to hold these negligent drivers accountable and help victims recover the financial compensation they deserve.

Many car accidents that occur at intersections are T-bone accidents (also called side-impact or broadside accidents). These crashes often occur when one car is turning and crashes into the side of another in the shape of a "T." They can also occur when a negligent driver is not paying attention and runs a stop sign or red light. T-bone accidents can leave drivers and passengers seriously hurt, especially if the crash occurred at a high speed.

Such cases are often contested and can be difficult to resolve. Accident scenes can be confusing and chaotic. It can be difficult to prove which driver was responsible. Insurance companies know this. They may try to take advantage of this fact and pay you less by claiming you were partially at fault. T-bone accident attorney Colin Scott is familiar with many of the strategies insurance companies use to try and deny liability and can help you fight back when this occurs.

Once you make the decision to hire our firm, Colin will investigate your accident to get the facts. Depending on the facts in your situation, this might include reviewing pertinent documentation (such as police reports, and insurance information), interviewing witnesses, speaking with medical and healthcare professionals, and consulting with one or more experts as needed to determine who is responsible. This investigative process can sometimes reveal additional evidence in your case showing that the other driver was speeding, operating recklessly or driving their vehicle while distracted or drunk.

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Insurance companies may try to blame you for the crash on you. Remember, they're not on your side. They just want to pay you as little as possible - preferably nothing at all. And they have attorneys looking out for their best interests.

Here at The Scott Law Firm, PLLC, we work hard to build a strong case that proves the negligence of another driver caused the accident that left you injured. When insurance companies are confronted with this additional evidence see that you have a retained an attorney who is prepared to fight for your rights, they often agree to negotiate a settlement without having to go to court.

Any resolution of your case has to be one that meets your needs. This includes compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to injuries caused by the accident. You should also be compensated for any lost wages while you were unable to work. There may be other damage available to you in your case as well, including pain and suffering and other damages related to the crash. Damages, in this respect, can be qualified, and should be determined by an experienced personal injury attorney.

Colin has seen how T-bone accidents and other types of crashes can impact clients and their families. That's why he went into private practice and established his law firm in Vancouver, WA - The Scott Law Firm, PLLC. He is dedicated to helping car accident victims in Clark County recover the financial compensation they deserve (and are legally entitled to receive) so his clients can get their lives back on track following a broadside collision.

If you were injured in a T-bone accident, it's important to consult an attorney as soon as possible. State laws vary, but generally limit the amount of time in which you have to resolve your claim or take legal action. Additionally, over time, evidence can be lost or destroyed, and memories of witnesses can fade.

Learn more about how T-bone accident attorney Colin Scott can help during a free consultation at our Vancouver, WA office. Contact us online or call 360-718-3640 to schedule an appointment. Colin can review the details of your case, go over your options and answer your questions.

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