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In a jackknife accident, a driver loses control of a semi-truck, which can start to skid. The trailer swings out to one side in an angle that is similar to the shape of a jackknife. These types of crashes can sweep away any cars that are in the vicinity and cause severe injuries.

Truck accident attorney Colin Scott knows the devastating impact that this type of crash can have on victims and their families. Recovery can take months or even years. Some victims are left disabled and with a permanent disability. Others may be killed. The medical expenses can become overwhelming very quickly. Many families find it hard to make ends meet during this difficult time.

Our firm is dedicated to helping victims recover the financial compensation they need to rebuild their lives. Truck accidents can be complicated and take time to resolve. But we are not after lowball settlement offers that fall far short of covering the damages to which you are legally entitled. Our goal is to obtain a resolution that meets your individual needs and desired outcome.

Why jackknife accidents happen

These crashes are often the result of negligence. They can happen when a truck is traveling at a high speed (too fast for the conditions). The truck's wheels can lock on slippery roads or sharp curves. Drivers can avoid jackknifing with safe driving techniques. These include keeping a safe distance from other vehicles, avoiding distractions and following the speed limit.

Driver negligence can cause jackknife accidents. For example, the driver may have been speeding or driving recklessly. Or the driver may have been texting or under the influence of alcohol. Trucking companies may also share responsibility for what happened if they did not properly maintain or repair the truck.

Attorney Colin Scott can investigate to learn why the truck jackknifed. He can also take measures to access evidence owned by the trucking company, such as the truck's "black box" data. He can review accident reports and medical records. In addition, if a lawsuit is filed, he can identify witnesses, propound discovery, subpoena records, and take depositions as necessary. He may also consult one or more experts to help find out what caused the truck to jack knife and determine liability.

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