Washington State Ranked Third Among Most Difficult Bar Exams in the Country by: Vancouver, WA Personal Injury Attorney Colin Scott

Computers (Blog)Pepperdine law professor, Robert Anderson, recently ranked the nation’s most difficult bar exams (the exam all attorneys must pass before being licensed to practice law).  According to Anderson, Washington ranks a solid third among the nation’s most difficult bar exams.  California is ranked first (no surprise), and South Dakota is ranked last.

“Rankings” were based on pass rates, as well as test takers’ LSAT scores (the admissions test all law students must take before being accepted into an ABA accredited law school).  Anderson commented that you could “trip over” some bar exams if “you’re not careful,” and that other bar exams were “challenging even for the most elite test-takers.”

I certainly do not consider myself an “elite test-taker.”  However, I can attest to the difficulty of  the Washington bar exam, which I was fortunate enough to pass on my first attempt.  At the time, I was living with my in-laws in their basement (it’s a long story).  As you can imagine, the thought of failure under these circumstances, and being forced to re-take the exam six months later, was not an option.  However, I must confess that I owe a debt of gratitude to my in-laws for having suffered through this period with me, the encouraging words my father-in-law offered me on test day, and the delicious meals my mother-in-law cooked for me every night.  Without them I would have starved.

For a complete list of Anderson’s rankings, visit his blog at: Witnesseth: Law, Deals & Data.