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Vancouver attorney offers cautionary advice on electric scooters

Vancouver pedestrian accident attorneyElectric scooters have been popping up in cities all over the United States, and they may be coming to Vancouver soon. Their light and compact design allows for quick and convenient travel in urban areas. They provide a method of transportation for residents and visitors who wish to ditch their vehicles and commute in a more economical manner.

However, it’s important for users to understand the risks and practice safe and responsible riding.

E-scooter may come to Vancouver streets

The Vancouver city council has been considering bringing in a third-party electric scooter vendor, according to The Columbian. In a previous trial, the city council withdrew the program due to infrastructure challenges and other liability issues.

Mayor Pro Tem Bart Hansen recently used a scooter in Portland after not being able to find a parking spot near an event. He deemed electric scooters safe and convenient, saying in a statement: “I see this as another multimodal form of transportation in our community.”

Councilor Linda Glover cited the recently developed waterfront as an attraction that could draw in tourists.

“I think that we’re expecting 200,000 visitors to come to Vancouver," she said. "It’ll help with parking, it’ll help with transportation.”

Weighing the pros and cons

According to an analysis conducted by the University of California Los Angeles and published in JAMA Network Open – which collected emergency department data from September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018 – 249 people involved in e-scooter crashes needed medical attention. A third of them were taken to a hospital by an ambulance.

Out of the 249 people involved in crashes, 228 were riders and 21 were pedestrians.

Most incidents involved:

  • Falls – 183 riders (80.2%)
  • Collisions with objects – 25 riders (11%)
  • Riders being hit by cars – 20 riders (8.8%)

The most common injuries included:

  • Fractures – 79 patients (31.7%)
  • Head trauma – 100 (40.2%)
  • Cuts, sprains, and bruises – 69 (27.7%)

Only 10 riders (4.4%) were wearing helmets at the time of a crash. Another 182 riders (94.3%) weren’t wearing helmets. In addition, 15 riders (7.8%) were tandem riding, and 18 riders (9.3%) failed to comply with traffic laws.

At the Scott Law Firm, PLLC, we’re not discouraging Vancouver residents and visitors from using electric scooters, should they become available. It is important, however, to know your rights in the event you’re involved in an e-scooter crash.

Whether you’re an injured pedestrian, e-scooter rider, or another road user, you need an experienced attorney on your side who can deliver results. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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