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Understanding Broken Glass Injuries in a Car Accident

broken glass on the pavement following a car accident

People are hurt in car accidents in Vancouver and throughout Washington State every year and suffer a wide range of serious injuries. Some of these injuries result from broken glass and can impact the lives of victims in many ways.

If you or someone you care about sustained broken glass injuries in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact The Scott Law Firm, PLLC, today to review your legal rights and options.

How do broken glass injuries happen?

A high-speed impact can cause pieces of glass to become embedded in the skin, as the force of impact can shatter car windows and send shards of glass flying into the air. These shards can then penetrate the skin. Some of the most severe broken glass injuries involve glass that gets in a person's eye, face, or head.

In some crashes, a person who is not wearing a seatbelt, or wearing a defective seatbelt, is thrown out of the vehicle during a collision. As a result, they may land on glass shards and other debris, causing further injury.

Broken glass injuries can also happen when a person gets out of a vehicle after a crash. They may rub against broken glass or even step on it.

Types of broken glass injuries

Any of these injuries can be very painful and result in blood loss. They can also be disfiguring.

Glass splinters

Tiny splinters of glass can become embedded in the skin, especially in an open wound. Unfortunately, these splinters can be easy to overlook. Sometimes the body will push them out, but other times a splinter injury can become infected.


Broken glass can easily cause lacerations anywhere on the body. In a high-speed impact, these cuts can be pretty deep. As a result, surgery and other types of treatment may be required.

Damaged arteries

One danger of a deep laceration from a shard of glass is that an artery will be punctured or severed. This can lead to rapid blood loss, and emergency surgery is often needed. There is also the risk of glass particles entering the bloodstream, causing organ damage.

Catastrophic injuries

A driver or passenger may be thrown against the windshield during a crash. This can result in head injuries and damage to the brain, such as bruising or bleeding. In addition, a victim may suffer spinal cord injuries if glass punctures the neck or back.

Treatment for broken glass injuries depends on many factors, including type and severity. Surgery may be needed, especially if deep lacerations cut into muscles, nerves, or arteries. Cosmetic surgery may be required in cases involving disfigurement. Hospitalization and home care may be needed. Medication may be prescribed to help victims manage pain.

Injured in a Vancouver, WA, car accident? Call Colin Scott.

If you suffered broken glass injuries from an accident caused by a negligent driver, you deserve financial compensation. However, the claims process can be complicated. Negligent drivers typically deny doing anything wrong, even if they were speeding, texting, operating recklessly, or falling asleep at the wheel.

Insurance companies often dispute claims to try to minimize compensation. For example, they may question the seriousness of broken glass injuries or offer a settlement far short of covering all the damages suffered.

An experienced car accident attorney can build a strong case for compensation and fight back against insurance company attempts to pay you less. Attorney Colin Scott of The Scott Law Firm, PLLC, is dedicated to helping clients recover the financial compensation they deserve through a negotiated settlement or a jury verdict.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We can go over your legal options and answer any questions you have.

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